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About The Limbus Gallery and group
The Limbus gallery was an artist led space in Tel-Aviv, established in 1992 by a cooperative of five lens-based artists, joint together in order to create wider opportunities for collaborations and for the promoting of individual and common causes and aims. The gallery was located in an underground bomb-shelter, given to the group by the Tel-Aviv municipality. The gallery was a registered charity and its activity has been made possible by several grants and funds. 13 years of continuous activityalmost a miracle in the non supportive and low budget reality of the Israeli art world.

Originally the gallery has been setup as a reaction to what we perceived as a too narrowly - defined, exclusive Israeli art world. We have defined the need for a space: for young artists to emerge from, with their first solo exhibition; for lens based media to be exhibited; and to provide an alternative view point about contemporary visual art in general, photography in particular.

The gallery was a unique phenomenon in the local art world since it runs by a collaboration of artists and all curatorial decisions were made in a joint and democratic way, through discussions and debates.

The gallery was also the home of the Limbus group and alongside our individual artistic work; we have also collaborated in several artistic projects (either curating together or creating an art work).
For its artistic and curatorial work, the Limbus group received the Gerard Levie Prize for Young Photographers (1994) from the Israel Museum.

The Limbus gallery identified itself as an alternative space, as a fringe for the art world, a non commercial space looking into asking questions about the relations between the center and the periphery. It also seeked to promote the idea of artists who took control of their own destiny, while exposing and promoting their work and ideas without being subjected to the establishment.

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